We manufacture screen frames in both wood and aluminum completely according to the customer’s wishes. We provide a standard range of both aluminum and wooden frames in selected dimensions but also manufacture frames according to specific requests.

We work in close collaboration with our customers and leaders when it comes to manufacturing ready-made special stencils for industrial printing houses. The frames are manufactured to the customers specifications and wishes. Some manufacturing specifications for our special screen products are:

  • Profile size, material thickness, outer/inner dimensions
  • Mesh/fabric: polyester, nylon and metal fabrics
  • Fabric density/tension/(Nw/cm)
  • Canvas rotation 0-45°

New manufacturing of aluminium frames for screen printing

Aluminum frames last much longer than frames made of wood. They are often used for larger formats, as well as in industrial applications that require higher stability and canvas tension. Aluminum frames are also preferred when you want to recycle the screen printing frame by re-tensioning.

Aluminium screen printing frame 20mm x 20mm, 30mm x 30mm 40mm x 40mm, 40mm x 60mm

New manufacturing of wood frames for screen printing

We manufacture screen printing frames in both wood and aluminium. The choice of frame depends on the business and needs. A wooden frame works fine for hand printing, and can also be a good alternative for one-off jobs and smaller print volumes.

Wooden screen printing frame 28mm x 40mm 21mm x 27mm

Pre-prepared frames

We’ve been producing pre-prepared wooden and aluminium frames for many years. The printing frames are delivered pre-tensioned with cloth and coated with emulsion/capillary film. All screen printing frames are pre-packed in light-resistant plastic for delivery. We can also deliver them directly to your business

Frame tensioning to order

Do you need a custom-made printing cloth in polyester, nylon or metal? Would you like help re-tensioning an aluminium frame? Not sure what you need? No problem. We can help you find the right frame for your screen printing. In combination with a large selection of emulsions and capillary film, as well as close collaboration with leading suppliers such as Saati, Bopp and Foteco, we can provide a solution catered entirely to your needs.