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Sustainable product labelling for the manufacturing industry

Tryck kollage ACP SystemsTryck kollage ACP Systems

We are specialists in product labelling

For more than 40 years, we have provided a broad repertoire of printing machines for product labelling for the manufacturing industry and other printing activities. This makes us an experienced supplier who now occupies a strong position in industrial labelling and textile printing, among other areas. Regardless of the circumstances of your specific business, we can offer complete, customised solutions that streamline your production from the bottom up, and optimise profitability.

Tampong rödTampong röd

Consumables for your printing business – regardless of industry and printing method

We are European leaders in cliché plate manufacturing, have an in-house manufacturing of silicone printing pads, and we have established ourselves as the most specialised company in screen frames in Sweden. We always offer print-ready inks that you can pour directly into your machine and we are the only ones in the market doing that. We have all the consumables you need for your printing business.

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