Large format printing machine in operation. Industry

Digital print

Digital printing machines enable quick and personalised printing in many different colours and tones. Because the print is entirely digital, no intermediate steps are needed, such as films and printing plates. This also enables adjustments late into the printing process, and you can personalise each individual product with unique text and images, for instance, without slowing down production. Digital printing is mainly used for smaller editions and is a good complement to other printing methods.

Large format printing machine in operation. IndustryLarge format printing machine in operation. Industry

Endless oppotunities

Digital UV inkjet printers are developed for very high flexibility and productivity. The UV ink cures instantly, allowing it to adhere to surfaces that are not perfectly flat. This opens up possibilities for printing on materials with unique structures or irregular shapes such as conical and cylindrical objects.

NV-UV 6060 digitalt printing

A flatbed printer with a high-quality result that prints up to 2400 dpi with a large printing surface that enables printing on more products at the same time. It prints both color and white at the same time and has the option of applying protective varnish for an optimal finish. Adjustable table with vacuum for high flexibility to cope with a variety of products and the height is automatically adjusted according to the size of the product.

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