About ACP Systems

For more than 40 years, we have provided a broad repertoire of printing machines for all types of product labelling for the manufacturing industry and other printing activities. This makes us an experienced supplier who now occupies a strong position in industrial labelling and textile printing, among other areas. We build machines from scratch and manufacture the right printing machine for the right industry and product, adapted entirely according to your needs. We assemble, rebuild and adapt special machines. And we would like to claim that we are world champions in that.

No matter the circumstances of your business, we can offer complete customised solutions with everything from concept to complete equipment. From individual machines with manual loading to fully automatic solutions including printing and mounting of products. This means we can streamline your production from scratch and thereby optimise profitability.

Our knowledge, your success

Through us you will find multicolour machines, high-tech CNC controlled machines and equipment for other printing methods which we can adapt to your production facility with our experienced hands. With our skills, we can produce individual machines as well as integrated projects for line production in no time at all. The machines are so flexible that they can be upgraded with new components, allowing us to adapt them to your business should new needs arise.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you throughout your printing process. That is why we also supply all the consumables required for continuous operation of your production. For example, we always mix print-ready ink in unique shades and exactly the right amount, which you can pour directly into the machine. We are the only ones on the market offering that service.

ACP Systems’ values are permeated by flexibility and proximity to you as a customer, meaning that we are an obvious choice for quality-conscious customers with high demands when it comes to design and capacity. With a spotlight on your needs, we develop the most relevant products and offer a favourable solution that elevates your business to the next level. We are always on hand for our customers and can often be found on site coordinating, training and providing personal service. And with our service agreement, you can quickly get a technician on site for the repair and maintenance of your equipment.

  • Owners: Fredrik Unell, Filip Boman, Scantima maskin AB
  • Head office and production: Borås, Sverige
  • Sales offices: Borås, Stockholm
  • Markets: Worldwide
  • Printing machines installed: approximately 400
  • Employees: 20 in Sweden (X globally?)
  • Sales: SEK 35 million (of which SEK 5 million globally)
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001