Specialists in product labelling

For more than 40 years, we have provided a broad repertoire of printing machines for product labelling. We develop the right labelling method and solution for your product. Regardless of whether you’re using a used machine or a fully automatic solutions including printing and mounting of products. And we would like to say that we are world champions in that. We help you find the right labelling method regardless of whether it’s for pad printing, screen printing, hot stamping, laser marking or digital printing, and we also cover other printing methods that we would be happy to customise for your facility with our experienced hands. With our skills, we produce individual machines as well as integrated projects for line production. Moreover, the machines can be expanded with other components for further adaptation if new needs should arise.


Printing methods

There are a number of different ways to label a product. The choice of machine depends on the sort of printing method you need to use, which in turn is determined by the products you want to print on.

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Our services

In addition to finding the right printing machine, manufacturing consumables such as printing pads, cliché plates and printer-ready inks, we can also renovate and service machines, regardless of brand.

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Knowing exactly how the printing machine works is crucial for efficient and safe production. That is why training is always included for you and your employees when purchasing a machine from us. Of course, we can also arrange training if you already have a machine.

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Used printing machines

Are you looking for a high-quality used printing machine? We can always help you find the right new or used printing machine.


Other printing equipment

Do you clean ink cups and other printing accessories by hand? Don’t do that! A cleaning machine specifically designed for this purpose saves time and makes it incredibly easy. We have all the equipment and tools needed to simplify cleaning and maintenance of your machine.