Maskin för varmprägling

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a printing method where you place a colour foil between a heated cliché plate and the product to be printed. The hot cliché plate is then pressed against the foil, releasing its colour layer, which is transferred to the material by heat and pressure. It is possible to hot stamp most materials, except for metal and glass, but the most common is plastic. Hot stamping usually uses foils that do not contain harmful substances and are recyclable, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly printing methods. With us a asupplier, you can be sure that you get the very latest and most cost-effective hot stamping machines in the industry, and of course we create specially adapted solutions completely according to your printing business when needed.

Varmprägling med färgfolieVarmprägling med färgfolie

For the exclusive print

Hot stamping gives a premium impression and can help create an exclusive brand image. Embossed surfaces provide a three-dimensional feel and a tactile experience for the user. It can create a metallic or shiny effect that catches the eye while being a durable printing technique. The foil used in embossing is usually of high quality and can resist scratches, fading and wear better than ordinary printing.

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