Pad printing

Pad printing machines expand the limits of what is possible. This printing method involves an elastic silicone pad that transfers ink from a printing block onto the substrate that will be labelled. We manufacture all our own consumables which gives us a unique opportunity to adapt the method to your specific needs. This particular printing process provides unbeatable results when it comes to decorating and labelling plastic, metal, glass, lacquered surfaces and wood, and much more, all at a minimal cost per print.


Consumables for pad printing

Do you need a printing pad for a special print, or print-ready ink in a bottle? We have all the consumables you need for your pad printing in our warehouse. And we can create customised solutions to perfectly work with your printing business.

tampotrycks formartampotrycks formar

In-house manufacturing of printing pads

Our in-house manufacturing of silicone printing pads enables us to shape them according to your specific needs. There are no restrictions on size and shape – we’ll produce the correct printing pad regardless of what the product looks like. We have a large number of finished models to start from, but we also make customised printing pads to suit your product.

In-house manufacturing of cliché plates

The cliché plate is the most critical component in pad printing, where etching depth, material quality and design placement are of utmost importance. And with more than 35 years of experience, we can say with a clear conscience that we are European leaders in cliché plate manufacturing of the highest quality. In our range you will find everything from 0.25 mm etched standard cliché plates to 10 mm lepped cliché plates made of steel, polymers (plastic), ceramics or lasers. We adapt them according to your wishes in terms of design, depth, printing speed and the type of machine. We then deliver the desired quantity to your facility.

färgburk med färgen blåfärgburk med färgen blå

Mixing print-ready ink for pad printing

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you throughout your printing process, so you can focus on your business. That is why we always offer print-ready inks that you can pour directly into your machine. We are the only ones in the market doing that. Regardless of production, material and desired result, we help you to produce the right shade, with everything from standard mixtures to unique combinations and effects, regardless of the type of colour scale you use.

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