Utskrift av DTF print

DTF printer

DTF – Direct to Film means printing with water-based pigment inks on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. After curing, the image can be transferred to a garment using a standard heat press. The DTF process requires no pretreatment and can be applied to many types of fiber compositions. You get a vivid print with a wide color gamut and the quality of the print is exceptional as lines, small fonts and fine details are printed accurately. DTF printing provides a durable result due to the lower mass of solids applied, which also improves the elasticity and stretchability of the product.


An All-In-One printer that can produce transfers to basically any material with a high-quality result. It has automatic color circulation and you can easily read the color level through the transparent containers. The printer has a fully automatic dosing of powder glue in a circulating system for reuse, which means that no glue is wasted.

Revolutionary printing technology

With 2 Epson i3200 print heads that can handle 2400 dpi, you get a sharp and clear print. For increased efficiency, it prints and heats simultaneously without any pretreatment required. You choose which width of film you want to use. It can handle both 30 and 60 cm film.

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