Applicering av färg för screentryck

Screen printing

Screen printing is a printing technique that originated in China around 2,000 years ago. The printing method is based on using a squeegee to squeeze ink through a fine-mesh cloth onto the product that will be labelled. Screen printing machines provides a simple, but very effective method, especially on flat and round surfaces. It has a short drying time, superior durability and makes for results of the highest quality. This versatile printing technique also allows for detailed end result on textiles, plastics and metals, among other things.

With us as a supplier, you can be sure that you get the very latest and most cost-effective screen printing machines in the industry, and of course we can create specially adapted solutions completely according to your printing business when needed.

Together with our other company ACP Coated Screens Scandinavia AB, we have established ourselves as the most specialized company in screen frames in Sweden and in our warehouse we have all the consumables you need for your screen printing.

ACP Coated Screens Scandinavia

For over 35 years, we have been working with the conversion and remanufacturing of screen frames and have established ourselves as the most specialized company in screen frames in Sweden. We have our office and workshop in Stockholm, where we manufacture new aluminum and wooden frames, repair old frames and sell pre-prepared frames with UV-sensitive photoemulsion or capillary film according to your own specific wishes. We provide all consumables for your screen business

blandar färg för tryckblandar färg för tryck

Mixing print-ready ink for screen printing

The aim of our business is to make it easier for you throughout your printing process, so you can focus on your business. That is why you get a print-ready ink that you can pour directly into the machine. We are the only ones in the market doing that. Regardless of production, material and desired result, we help you to produce the right shade for the right printing detail, with everything from standard mixtures to unique combinations, regardless of the type of colour scale you use. Because we mix the inks ourselves, we can adapt the amount of ink in a container so you get exactly the amount and shade you need, from 35 g to a lorry load.

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