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Industrial automation

In order to achive the best and most profitable automation solution for your exact production, we need to understand your business completely. Therefor, we always set up the start of a project in three steps; first contact, personal meeting as well as quote and the start-up.

After these steps, we will be able to say exactly which routines you can work with, and what your logistics for printing can look like. Routines can be about minimizing stop times and setting time intervals for color changes. Automation can mean a complete automatic printing machine, entire cells or industrial robots.

The first three steps towards industrial automation:

First contact

After the first contact by phone or email, we make an analysis of your specific needs in terms of marking, automation and handling, pre-treatment of product, machine type, etc. The analysis will be delivered to you for corrections and approval.

Personal meeting

We will visit you at your production place to study and evaluate your business. Together, we develop an overall solution that is tailored to your needs. During the meeting, we are responsive to your wishes and are keen to always be honest about the type of automation and products that best suit your area. During the course of the collaboration, you can always turn to us for consultation or questions.

Offer and start-up

We manufacture and produce other components in your order, while analyzing which consumables will be needed to run your business. It could, for example, be about automation in the form of a self-propelled transport system, or color type for printing. During the project, we also evaluate which consumables will be required for a more long-term solution, if desired.

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